The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni

TUE. Apr. 22

THUR. Apr. 17
Full period to write essay.

WED. Apr. 16
Lab time for essays

TUE. Apr. 15
Viewed movie and worked on essays in the lab

MON. Apr. 14
Handed out SUMMATIVE assignment(see also the Summative Material link on left-hand Navigation panel):

FRI. Apr. 11
Theme material - both classes. Please look at both documents. Both classes came up with some really great ideas!!!

THURS. Apr. 10
-reviewed theme and parallel structure in KR:

WED. Apr. 9

TUE. Apr. 8
finished sharing motif ideas and taking notes
Quiz - for last half of book
-received Essay Assignment:


MON. Apr. 7
began sharing motif ideas and taking notes

Apr. 4
Watched movie of The Kite Runner

THUR. Apr. 3
Went to Lab 103 for Book Club preparation - see Summative Material Page

WED. Apr. 2
Worked on motif

TUE. Apr.1
Worked on KR Questions:
Watched part of movie

MON. Mar. 31
Continued with Motif activity - putting ideas on chart paper. Will share with class on TUESDAY
Students should read to p. 306, the end of Chapter 22, by MONDAY, MARCH 31

FRI. Mar. 27
Watched first part of the movie.
Collected Journals for The Kite Runner
Collected the BookClub Discussion Leaders' write up of the most significant ideas that emerged during Book Club.

THUR. Mar. 26
Worked on motif analysis

WED. Mar. 25
Next Book Club is on Wed. April 9th.

TUE. Mar. 23
Introduced Motif Analysis:

MON. Mar. 22
Worked on Journals
Reviewed Rubric for Discussion leader
Discussed snack plans for Book Club
Discussion leaders distributed questions

FRI. Mar. 21
Journal Prompts: Due end of class on Monday- you will get a work period on Monday to finish.
Watched end of Dead Poet's Society. Read, worked on questions and journal.:

THUR. Mar. 20
Worked on The Kite Runner

WED. Mar. 19
Worked on The Kite Runner

TUE. Mar. 18
Library Period to work on Book Clubs.

MON. Mar. 17
Watched ALMOST to the end of Dead Poet's Society.
15 minutes group time to discuss presentations for tomorrow.5 minutes to discuss book club topics for next Wednesday's Book Club.

THUR. Mar. 6
Watched first half of Dead Poet's Society READ TO PAGE 199 OF THE KITE RUNNER over the break

WED. Mar. 5
Discussed first Chapter of The Kite Runner Last half of period in Lab to finish mini-research assignment

TUE. Mar. 4
Full period in Library to continue work on mini-research assignment Handed out questions to guide reading Handed out SUMMATIVE MATERIAL FOR READER'S LOG #2:

MON. Mar. 3
Half period in Lab to begin mini-research assignment:
RUBRIC: Mini- Research Assignment for The Kite Runner -
Finished MindMap Presentations HANDED OUT KITE RUNNER QUESTIONS: