Friday, Apr.12
TEST: Lord of the Flies on Wed. April 17
Part 2 -Summative, in-class writing April 18

Thursday, Apr.11
OSSLT is written today. Make sure you know which room you are writing in. There is a list posted on the bulletin board across the hall from Guidance.
Wednesday, Apr.10 Day of Pink!!
Wear Pink to show you stand up against bullies and bullying of any kind!
Tuesday, Apr.9
Bring your Summative Biography.
This is a class preparation period so you can work on your summative. Then next inclass assessment is on Thursday, next week. The topic is a significant event from your subject's life.
Monday, Apr.8
Reviewed THEME for Lord of the Flies.

Friday, Apr.5 Period 3: Movie
Period 4: OSSLT prep
How does the latest film version compare to the novel? What do you think of the 'beast' in this film?
Thursday, Apr.4
Period 4: Movie
Period 3: OSSLT prep
How does the latest film version compare to the novel? What do you think of the 'beast' in this film?
Wednesday, Apr. 3 Lab 105: Refer to the peer edit to finalize your draft due on Friday

Tuesday, Apr.2
Lab 105: Peer Edit in class on DUE by 4pm

Thursday, Mar.28
Extra-Curricular Lab: Rough copy of first draft due by 4 pm to

Wednesday, Mar. 27
Extra-curricular lab to work on rough draft of essay: Shortened classes (60 min.)

Tuesday, Mar.26
Review of Essay Structure and Introduction

Monday, Mar.25
Part 1 of Summative: In-class writing assignment

Friday, Mar.22

Thursday, Mar.21

Wed., Mar. 20
-REMINDER: Bring your summative biography to class tomorrow.
- Silent Reading (read to end of CH. 8 by Friday)
-Work on Visual Poster
-Review 6 Features of a thesis (see doc "6 Rules- THESIS)

Tuesday, Mar. 19
- use the handout from class to organize your thesis, directional statement and the topic sentences for each supporting argument.
- review 6 features of a thesis
- review the steps to coming up with a thesis

Monday, Mar. 18
-Welcome back!
1- Grammar Review - one sentence on board;
identify clauses and conjunctions
2- Review writing about IMAGERY see "example EFFECT of IMAGERY"
3- Handout Essay Topics "2EssayTopicsLof" and Topic Sentence Outline.
4- Start brainstorming process for essay - visualization and symbol - see "3Poster assignment"
HW: Read Chapter 7 by Wed. Chapter 8 by Friday
Work on TS Outline

Friday, Mar. 8
Use these questions to guide your reading over
the March Break.
Read to the end of Chapter SIX

Thursday, Mar. 7:
P3 Xtra-Curr. Lab (by library)
P4 Lab 103

Wednesday, Mar. 6
Do the homework and be ready to
type up your final paragraph in the lab tomorrow.

Tuesday, Mar. 5
- using the handout on the side, find
literary devices and examples of imagery. In a bubble
attached to each one, write out the associations and
meaning that could be linked to these images.

Monday, Mar. 4
Use STAR DIAGRAM to find imagery for setting;
pages 4, 6, 10, 15, 23, 30, 38, 44
Friday, Mar. 1
READ CHAPTER 3 and answer questions
(jot-notes) for chapters 2 and 3

Thursday, Feb. 28
READ CHAPTER 2 & CONTINUE chapter 1 questions.
Make jot-notes for questions 1-5