UNIT TEST: Thursday, Nov. 19 (review terms from unit one and be ready to apply those concepts to the novel)
FR. Nov. 20
TH, Nov. 19
- LAB time for ESSAY

WED. Nov. 18
- Began outline of essay
TU. Nov. 17
-Began ESSAY

MON. Nov.16
-Began working on THEMES
- ManUp Assembly
FR. Nov. 13
-Finished The Matrix and worked on the handout (TU. Nov. 10 - The Matrix as a Dystopian film)
TH. Nov. 12
-Reviewed last chapters of book in think-pair-share
- Viewed The Matrix
WED. Nov. 11
- View PPT and take notes for Camera Movement
TU. Nov. 10
- Viewed PPT up to end of ANGLES to learn film terms (Distance - Angles - Movement)
- READ to the end of Chapter 60 for homework
MON. Nov. 9
-Reviewed events of Chapters 44-47
-Took up 35-43
FR. Nov. 6
- Do chapter questions for homework and read to end of CH. 53
TH. Nov. 5
- wrapped up Body Bio
- viewed exemplar paragraphs
- discussed end of Chapter 30
-read to end of CH. 47
WED, Nov. 4
TYKTW for Grade 9
TUE. Nov. 3
- Began presentations
MON. Nov. 2
- Finished up Body Bios and read to end of Chapter 43
FR. Oct. 30
- Read to the end of Chapter 39
- Finish paragraph and be ready to present Body Bio!!!
TH. Oct. 29
Link Crew Activity
WED. Oct. 28
- Body Bio
TU. Oct. 27
- Body Bio
MON. Oct. 26
-Worked on Body Bio
- Watched The Matrix
-HW: Find evidence from the text of the three traits you are responsible for on the Body Bio
FRI. Oct. 23
-Began Body Biography
TH. Oct. 22
- Worked on the Maze
- Learned about Subject / Predicate and Complete Subject/ Complete Predicate
WED. Oct. 21
- Read 26-30
TU. Oct. 20
-Reviewed Chapters 21-25
-Began The Matrix and discussed similarities/difference between the dystopian world of Matrix and the Maze
MON. Oct. 19
-Reviewed Chapters 16-21
-Caughtya's #5
-Read to the end of Chapter 29
FR. Oct. 16
- reviewed questions
-Collected maps
-Reading time
TH. Oct. 15
-Sentence 4 of Caught Ya's (grammar with a giggle) - learned about semi-colon use
- 15 minutes reading
- Maps collected
- reviewed questions:
WED. Oct 14
-Worked on Grammar with a Giggle and Nouns
-time to work on Map of the Glade
TUE. Oct. 13
- 15 minutes reading time in class
-Worked on Map of the Glade
-began chapter questions for Chapters 9-12
- read to end of Chapter 16 by Wed. and to end of Ch. 21 by end of the week
TH. Oct. 8
-Finish reading to the end of CH. 12 for Tuesday
-The Map of the Glade is due FRIDAY, OCT. 16

WED. Oct. 7
-Finish test - work on Chapters 1-8 in novel

TUE. Oct. 6
- Short Stories Test
MON. Oct. 5
-Continued working with The Maze Runner
-Reviewed test terms for Short Story Test tomorrow