DUE- Wed. Apr. 8: Quotation illustration, Oral and Visual
DUE- WED. Apr. 15 The Soundscape
FR. Apr. 17
Watched remainder of movie (to middle of Act 5)
TH. Apr. 16
Discussed MacBeth's degeneration as evidenced in the soliloquies
Developed evidence to support various theme statements about the play
WED. Apr. 15
Distributed theme topics and discussed various theme statements in groups
Brainstormed evidence that applies to each set of thematic topics
TU. Apr. 14
Continued discussions of play
MON. Apr. 13
Continued final analysis of play discussing moral degeneration and restoration of order as reinforcement of belief in Great Chain of Being
FRI. Apr. 10
Finished up presentations
Students worked on SOUNDSCAPES!!!!
lots of cool sounds in this class!!!
THU. Apr. 9
Students finished summaries and handed them in.
WED. Apr. 8
TUE. Apr. 7
Went to lab to work on Passage Analysis for assignment due tomorrow.
TH. April. 2
Went to lab to work on passage analysis for assignment due next Wednesday.
WED. Apr. 1
Began the SUMMARY of a secondary source.
Read the following PDFs and then worked on summary assignment, DUE - Thursday, April 9

TU. Mar. 31
Finished reading play.
Do Act 3 Questions for homework
MON. Mar. 30
Read to the end of ACT 3 and almost all of Act 4.
- Students wrote quiz.
FRI. Mar. 27
Reviewed and practiced diction analysis
and connotations in preparation for illustrated passage analysis.
Viewed movie.
TH. Mar. 26
Shortened class. Reviewed grammar rules via KAHOOT!

Quotations marks- examples: use punctuation as usual. Unless providing a citation, all punctuation goes INSIDE the quotation marks. IF the quotation ends a sentence OR A MAJOR SENTENCE PART, hold the punctuation until AFTER THE CITATION.
EXAMPLE: Lady MacBeth declares that her husband is "too full of the milk of human kindness" in two metaphors (1.2.40-70); one that compares his instinctively loyal and dutiful nature to a container that could hold "the milk of human kindness" (1.2..40-70), and another that compares the human capacity for kindness to milk. She means that his personality, were it a vessel that could hold something, is full to the brim with kindness. Furthermore, by comparing this trait to milk, she implies that his propensity for kindness makes him weak and harmless because milk is a mild substance that is often associated with children and babies.
WED. Mar. 25
Continued reading play and viewing movie
TU. Mar. 24
Reminder of quiz on MON. MAR. 30 up to end of Act 3.4
- Handed out QUOTATION ILLUSTRATION project: Due APRIL 8

MON. Mar. 23
Continued with reading of play and took up questions
Students had class-time to continue working on questions.
Students should be finished with line summaries and questions to end of Act3.3
FR. Mar. 13
Read Act 3 to scene 3Watched movie
TH. Mar. 12
Took up Act 2 questions, chronolog and line summaries.
WED. Mar. 11
Essay Rubric
The Soundscape:

Continued Act 1 questions and finished line summaries
Discussed questions to end of Act 1 sc 5 - with discussion of Lady MacBeth
Viewed film - (Goold 2010) to end of Act 1 sc.
Act 2 line summaries

TU. Mar. 10
Continued our reading of MacBeth to end of ACT 1, scene 7
HW: finish line summaries and questions to end of ACT 1, sc. 7
MON. Mar.9
Went to LAB 227 to work on comparative essay
FR. Mar. 6
Continued with MacBeth
Act 1 - scene 3-5
TH. Mar. 5
LAB 222 for 'catch-up' and to work on comparative essay
WED. Mar. 4
Continued reading MacBeth, Act 1 scenes 1 and 2 and part of scene 3, to MacBeth's entrance
Began working on line summaries and questions. Do summaries and questions for homework for the scenes we have read in class.

TU. Mar. 3
In-class short story test
MON. Mar. 2
Began reading MacBeth and viewed an article regarding the superstitions associated with the play