TKAMcolour.jpgDuring the Depression in the American deep south, a small sleepy town wakes up to discover its roots and to expose the roots of its racism and hypocrisy ... seen through the eyes of children, the truth emerges ...

TUE. Apr. 22

THUR. Apr. 17
Watched Movie
Took notes on Symbol
Received handout about how Scout and Jem mature over the course of the novel:

WED. Apr. 16
Watched Movie
Went to lab to work on TKAM research assignment

TUE. Apr. 15
Watch Movie
Go to Lab

MON. Apr. 14
Reviewed THEME:

FRI. Apr. 11
Worked on THEME activity
Finished taking up TRIAL handout:

THUR. Apr. 10
Wrote Quiz
Took up homework

WED. Apr. 9
Returned short story tests and looked at exemplar answers:
Viewed exemplar project for TKAM Research project:

TUE. Apr. 8
Library Period to work on TKAM research
Handed out SUMMATIVE MATERIAL for independent novel study:

MON. Apr. 7

FRI. Apr. 4
Watched part of the movie
Worked on Prepositional Phrases
Reviewed long green-sheet on the TRIAL:

THUR. Apr. 3

WED. Apr.2
Began sharing answers from Group Activity

Began Group Activity: Watched part of the movie

MON. Mar. 31
Read journals with partner.
Wrote up final stereotype paragraph and submitted them at the end of class

FRI. Mar. 28
Discussed the consequences of stereotyping.
Watched movie of To Kill a Mockingbird
Got Journal Prompts:
HW: Do your first journal entry:

Wrote practice test for OSSLT

WED. Mar. 26
Practiced opinion piece for OSSLT.
Looked at OSSLT site for reading component.

TUE. Mar. 25
Looked at OSSLT components on EQAO site:

Practiced News Report for OSSLT

MON. Mar. 24
Read for 15 minutes.
Worked on quotation integration and worked on stereotyping paragraph.

FRI. Mar. 21
Discussed symbolism of the mockingbird - the shooting of the rabid dog - the 'mockingbirds' in the novel
Read for 15 minutes
Looked at Quotation Integration:
Looked at the next paragraph assignment:

THUR. Mar. 20
continued research for TKAM and got handouts for Part 3 and 4

WED. Mar. 19
Read for 15 minutes
Discussed Boo Radley, the symbol of the snowman and the children's visit to the church

TUE. Mar. 18
Discussed questions from Chapters 7-12

MON. Mar. 17
Did a quiz (not for marks) with partners on character identification. Discussed some of the major characters and related issues in the novel so far - Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, Mr. Avery, the snowman, Uncle Jack, Mrs. Dubose, Aunt Alexandra.
-Finish reading Chapter 13 for homework and then organize answers for Chapters 7-12 for tomorrow's discussions.

THUR. Mar. 6
Read in class for 40 minutes, and had time to work on questions
Handed out questions for Chapters 7-12:

WED. Mar. 5
Everyone shared their preliminary research, presenting SIX facts per group to introduce the historical context of the novel. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!

TUE. Mar. 4
Went to Library for the full period to begin Research Assignment for the novel unit.

Mar. 3
Saw MindMap Presentations - GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!
Do questions for Chapters 3-6

FRI. Feb. 28
Read Chapters 1-6, but do the questions for just the first THREE chapters: