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Photo Project due Monday, May 11
Journal Chapter 6&7 due Monday, May 4
Chapter questions for chapters 1-5 due Monday, May 4 (originally due Tuesday, Apr. 28)
Essay - first draft - Friday, May 15
Essay - FINAL draft due WED. May 20

TUE. May 5
Continued colours analysis, associating characters with colours.
TEACHER BLIP - I have not collected the chapter questions or journals yet. I WILL BE COLLECTING THESE TOMORROW. PLEASE HAND IN CHAPTERS 1-5 QUESTIONS AND JOURNALS 6, 7, 8
So far -
Daisy - white, yellow, gold
Jordan -white, yellow, gold
Gatsby - white, yellow, gold, green
Nick - white
Myrtle - dark colours
George - faded colour (blue, yellow)
Tom - red, blue, white
MON May 4
Began colour analysis of novel in groups, chapter by chapter
FR. April 29
Handed out Gatsby project:
Read the rest of the novel and begin Photo Project
Began movie

Project due date: Monday, May 11
TH,. Apr. 30
Read and discussed Chapter Six - Gatsby's story
For Journal of Chapter 6, aim for 400-500 words
WED. Apr. 29
Catch up on reading and questions
Begin Journals
TU. Apr. 28
Read Chapter 8
Finish Questions 1-5 and begin response journals for 6-9
Continued in groups to answer Ch. 5 questions and begin reader response group activity and journals for Chapters 6-9
MON. Apr. 27
Read Chapter 7
Caught up on discussion questions and discussed Gatsby's background
Looked at Nick's prejudices (his descriptions of Wolfsheim as anti-Semitic) and inconsistencies (has an affair with an office girl but won't date Jordan because of his so-called 'honesty' and the class discrimination implied by valuing his honesty with Jordan over that of the office girl)
Discussed Jordan's dishonesty.
Discussed Gatsby's motivations as he escorts Daisy around his mansion
Handed out essay questions
FR. Apr. 24
Read Chapter 6
Caught up on discussion questions
TH. Apr. 23
Discussed Gatsby's party in Chapter 3
WED. Apr. 22
Continued discussion of Valley of Ashes, violence of upper class inherent in belief of superiority
Discussed Tom's ideas and theories about Nordic racial superiority
Compared party in NY to dinner party in East Egg (Ch. 1)
TU. Apr. 21
Discussed chapter two, the significance of the Valley of Ashes, and the trip to NY city with Myrtle
Compared Daisy and Myrtle
Discussed Tom's violence
MON. Apr. 20
Began reading novel
Finish CH. 1 discussion questions
Discussed Nick's background and his privilege
Summarized events of chapter
Discussed Jordan, Tom and Daisy and the notion of old and new wealth and the status attached to old wealth
FRI. Apr. 17