Welcome to Film Studies in Room 106- Semester ONE 2013-14!
Be prepared to see the stars, get behind the scenes, be on-set, get into the action, and to let the cameras roll!

Storyboard and Shot Sequence Layout DUE: MONDAY, DEC. 16
Annotated Bibliography: DUE - Monday, Jan. 13
Complete List of Works Cited: DUE - Friday, Jan. 17
Digital Documentary Product:
(worth 15% of final mark) - DUE - Monday, Jan. 20

Portfolio (worth 15% of final mark) - DUE: Thursday, Jan. 23

TUE. JANUARY 7 - Trip to NFB!!!

(LOGIN to YouTube: filmstudiessrb@gmail.com pswd: filmstudent106)

makingfilms.jpg"Too many terms Miss!!!!!!?" Don't worry, the movies are coming....

Tue. Jan 14
Went to lab in first half of period.
Mon. Jan. 13
Went to Lab in second half of period
Discussed chart and took notes on supporting arguments and methods of development.
Jan. 10
Discussed specific methods of development for the movie. Applied methods to specific supporting arguments. Identified thesis.
Tue. Jan.9
Watched part of Bowling for Columbine and applied terms from Standard Argument structure and Methods of Development. Discussed Visual and Sound elements as methods of development.

Mon. JAN. 6
Finished The March of the Penguins. Discussed summatives. Returned reflections.
Friday, DEC.20-
Fri. JAN.3
Stay jolly : ) Stay warm : ) BE SAFE!!!!!
Thurs. Dec. 19

Wed. Dec. 18
Work period and continued watching March of the Penguins
Tue. Dec. 17
Watched PPT:
PPT viewed:
Mon. Dec. 16
Library Period
Fri. Dec. 13
Began March of the Penguins (narrative exposition + entertainment)
Thur. Dec. 12
Finish An Inconvenient Truth (exposition)
Discussed audience appeal and targeted audience
Wed. Dec. 11
Hand in Quotation Response for The Eleventh Hour at beginning of class.
Handed out the Final Porfolio requirements (15% of mark):
Tue. Dec. 10
Mon. Dec. 9
Hand in Part 1 of Summative
Handed out Part 2 Materials (Storyboard sheets and Shot Sequence Layout Sheet) that are due Monday, Dec. 16 (not all handouts available in digital format - see Ms. Mason)
FRI. Dec. 6
Began watching An Inconvenient Truth. Discussed style difference compared to The Eleventh Hour, and the purposes and intended audiences for each film.
THUR. Dec. 5
LIBRARY PERIOD:use this planning guide to prepare SUMMATIVE material due on MONDAY: (interview questions and schedule)
WED. Dec. 4
Finished I Am
TUE Dec. 3
Finished TEDtalk of Larry Smith "Why you will fail to have a good career."
Brainstormed meaning of success.
Began watching I Am (2010), a documentary by Tom Shadyack, the director of Ace Ventura
MON. Dec. 2
Discussion session for The Eleventh Hour. Teacher selected groups
Handout with REFLECTION ASSIGNMENT for the The Eleventh Hour:
Begin 2nd Documentary.
FRI Nov. 29
NATIONAL CAPITAL HISTORY DAY - information session by Ms. Riddell
Viewed clips from Thank You for Smoking, The Notebook, To Kill a Mockingbird to review types of appeal.
THURS. Nov. 28
Continued with The Eleventh Hour
Wed. Nov. 27
Began watching The Eleventh Hour (2007) diCaprio
Tue. Nov. 26
Began Documentary Unit:
Mon. Nov. 25
Continue Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Review SCENE ANALYSIS structure:
Presentations CONTINUE tomorrow.
HW- Finish the topic sentences and concluding sentences from handout.
Tue. Nov. 19-
Fri. Nov. 22
Genre Presentations
Mon. Nov. 18
Genre Presentations were to begin, but due to technical difficulties, were post-poned.
There will be time tomorrow to do both today's and tomorrow's scheduled presentations. As well, Netflix was not working and we started watching Memento rather than finishing Butch Cassidy. Will continue with previous film when circumstances allow.
Fri. Nov. 15
No classes: PD Day
Thurs. Nov. 14
Library Period
Wed. Nov. 13
Library Period
Tue. Nov. 12
Analysis due
Begin film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Mon. Nov. 11
Remembrance Day Ceremony.
ADV 4M Film display in the lobby
Reviewed Structure for Rear Window analysis (see 'EXAMPLE Critic INTRO OUTLINE, Nov. 4)
Fri. Nov. 8
Genre test
Set up Display board.
View rest of Rear Window critique.
Thur. Nov.7
Library Period for Genre Project
Wed. Nov. 6
Library Period for Genre Project
Tue. Nov.5
In-class writing task, based on Readings provided yesterday:
Mon. Nov. 4
Showed example of INTRO and OUTLINE for Hitchcock analysis:
Fri. Nov. 1
finished Rear Window
Handed out writing assignment - sequence analysis with your interpretation of POV, SETTING, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, SUSPENSE

Thur. Oct 31
Library Period for Genre - Genre Grid due tomorrow
Wed. Oct. 30
Library Period for Genre - Genre Grid due tomorrow
Tue. Oct 29
continued watching film
Discussed voyeurism and the frame-within-the-frame-within-the-frame as visual metaphor for POV
Mon. Oct. 28
Hitchcock PPT and handout:

Began watching Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954)
Fri. Oct. 25
Robb Nash Presentations
Thur. Oct 24
Library Period for Genre Project
Wed. Oct. 23
View Robb Nash intro
Library Period to begin Genre Project:
Tues. Oct. 22
Viewed TWO Youtube overviews of GENRE
Genre Readings:

Continued working on Genre Grid (features and characteristics of each genre)
Mon. 21
PPT about Genre:

Grid 3:

Great Genre websites:
Genre Project:
Choose Genre for your project.
FILM DUE: OCT. 30 for in-class viewing
Fri. Oct. 18
Began Genre Unit by looking at Preliminary Layout for the assignment.
Watched clips from The Deer Hunter (1978) and 40 minutes of Patton (1971). Pay attention to the notion of the war film as being a mechanism of propaganda. Patton was made during the Vietnam War, but it was about WWII, and The Deer Hunter came out after the Vietnam War. How does The Deer Hunter represent war? In which ways could one read Patton as commentary about the Vietnam war, or just war in general?
Thurs. Oct 17
Library period for making films.
Wed. Oct 16
Viewed Youtube videos regarding lighting, camera movement, and camera angles.
Handed in Scripts and Storyboards.
Work Period for Film Production
Tue. Oct. 15
Group Work Rubric:
Thurs. Oct. 10
Watched AFI Youtube about Storyboarding and then one about the Call-Sheet and organizing the shoot. Handed out more Storyboard templates and the template for the Call-Sheet.
REMINDER: The storyboard, script and call-sheet handouts can be found in the AFI Basics Handbook (posted on this page on Oct. 8).
  • EACH group member must hand in a copy of the script. ALL SCRIPTS WILL BE IDENTICAL for each group member.
  • Script must be formatted properly - as indicated on the handout

  • EACH group member must contribute to the Storyboard and hand in at LEAST three panels, labeled as indicated on the handout. STORYBOARD must be submitted in story order, not shooting order.
EACH group member must put their name on the sheets that they have done.
  • EACH group member must hand in a Call-Sheet. It CANNOT be a duplicate of someone else's in your group. The Call-Sheet must have your name on it.
REMINDER: ONLY the Scripts and Storyboards are due on WED. 16 Oct.
Wed. Oct. 9
View PPT: The Sound Era:
Wrap up The Hurt Locker
WORK PERIOD time: work on your script and storyboard. Bring your own laptop if necessary.
Tue. Oct 8
LIBRARY PERIOD - write script using proper format. Start storyboard - ALL group members must hand in a script and their own version of the storyboard. If you need to look at the formatting for the script, or view the storyboard of shots and shot angles, please look at the above HANDBOOK from AFI.
Mon. Oct. 7
Introduction to Storyboard and Scriptwriting with handout:
Pitch your Remembrance Day film plans. (Evaluation)
Fri. Oct. 4
Continued viewing The Hurt Locker.
Watch for the juxtaposition of long shots with extreme close-ups.
Note music and sequences in which there is no music.
Look for visuals intended to emphasize chaos, distortion, civilized/uncivilized, extreme conditions.
What other kinds of juxtaposition are used?
Why might the director be choosing these particular contrasts, or using montage in this way?
Thurs. Oct. 3
Reviewed DRAFT of PITCH RUBRIC and asked for input from students. Began viewing The Hurt Locker.
Wed. Oct. 2
LIBRARY PERIOD - research Pitch and tighten up ideas.
Tue. Oct. 1
Viewed PPT: Narrative: The Plot cont'd:
Discussed ARCHETYPE:
Viewed PPT: Citizen Kane -
Worked on the first stages of the script in preparation for writing: Pre-writing, outline, and treatment.
Mon. Sept. 30
Handed out Production Roles notes: UNAVAILABLE FOR WIKI
Returned Benny and Joon reflections
Viewed example reflection
Introduced Remembrance Day Project:
Viewed presentations.
Fri. Sept 27
Thurs. Sept. 26
Citizen Kane Questions:
Wed. Sept. 25
Library research period
Tue. Sept. 28
Library research period:
Mon. Sept. 23
Finished Citizen Kane
Handed out project for this week:
Fri. Sept. 20
Viewed the first hour of Citizen Kane. Discussed Kane's relationship with parents and how his character is being developed.
Paying special attention to camera angle and mise en scene.
Thurs. Sept. 19
Went to library and researched the work of a Film Crew:
Chose an interesting job and researched it:
Wed. Sept. 18
Watched PPT on Cinematic Techniques
Viewed "Odessa Steps" sequence from The Battleship Potemkin
Tue. Sept .17
Collected Benny and Joon reflections.
Finished PPT (Block booking to Nosferatu)
Mon. Sept. 16
Terms quiz
Fri. Sept. 13
Finished Benny and Joon. Viewed the "Odessa Steps Sequence" from Eisensteins's Battleship Potemkin.
Thurs. Sept. 12
Worked on 9 Key Scenes.
Watched Charlie Chaplin's "Oceana Roll" scene from The Gold Rush.

Began watching Benny and Joon. Discussed mental health and the movie's representation of mental illness.
Handed out assignment, DUE Tuesday, Sept. 17:
Wed. Sept. 11
Worked on Flipbook assignment.
Began 9 Key Scenes.
Tuesday, Sept. 10
Finished the note on The Kid.
Finished Terms on B side of sheet.
Watched PPT about Narrative structure: SEE second screening (full edition on Oct. 2)
Monday, Sept. 9
Finished The Kid.
Friday, Sept. 6
Movie Day!!! Viewing Charlie Chaplin's The Kid (1921). No homework this weekend! There will be activities next week though. If you were absent on Friday, come see me about borrowing the DVD of the The Kid.
Thurs. Sept. 5
Reviewed TERMS from yesterday. Viewed Early Film History PowerPoint about the first cameras and moving pictures. Filled in supporting handout (Early Film) and Part B of Unit One terms.

Wed. Sept. 4
Watched "Paperman" and a short clip from "Falling Down. Discussed the language of film, signs, codes, conventions, and Barthes 5 Codes of Meaning. Applied terms to film clips.

Tuesday, Sept. 3