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WED. Mar. 11
Rubric for essay
TU. Mar. 10
Continued our reading of MacBeth to end of ACT 1, scene 6
HW: finish line summaries and questions to end of ACT 1, sc. 6
MON. Mar.9
Went to LAB 227 to work on comparative essay
FR. Mar. 6
Continued with MacBeth
Act 1 - scene 3-5
TH. Mar. 5
LAB 222 for 'catch-up' and to work on comparative essay
WED. Mar. 4
Continued reading MacBeth, Act 1 scenes 1 and 2 and part of scene 3, to MacBeth's entrance
Began working on line summaries and questions. Do summaries and questions for homework for the scenes we have read in class.

TU. Mar. 3
In-class short story test
MON. Mar. 2
Began reading MacBeth and viewed an article regarding the superstitions associated with the play
FR. Feb. 27

THU. Feb. 26
Class cancelled due to emergency procedures
WED. Feb. 25
Students handed in thesis.
Discussed narrowing the thesis:
TUE. Feb. 24
Lab Period for writing essay
MON. Feb. 23
Discussed focus of thesis statement - feedback provided for outlines submitted Friday - yikes!
Constructed an outline for an existing compare-contrast essay:
Fri. Feb. 20
TH. Feb. 19
- Discussed the motif of 'yellow' in "Touching Bottom" and analysed its significance
WED. Feb. 18

TUE. Feb. 17
Students worked on the motif of yellow in "Touching Bottom," finding mention of it in the story
TH. Feb. 12
Students began choosing a story pair for their essay and began looking at similarities and differences within the basis for comparison

WED. Feb. 11
Discussed story structure and the symbolism of the mountain.
Emphasized importance of approaching analysis by looking first at what is happening on the surface, identifying central conflict and noting significant symbols.

Discussed father and daughter as being dynamic, round characters.
Brainstormed theme topics and theme statements.
Handed out the remaining SIX stories for the unit and the journal assignment.

TUE. Feb.10
Took up "Brother Dear" and began reading "Saturday Climbing"
MON. Feb 9
Reviewed method for analysying a simile or any literary device
Viewed youtube film about metonymy and synecdoche
Assembly: viewed Charles Officer's film Mighty Jerome
FRI. Feb. 6
Reviewed questions and discussed story
discussed metonymy and synecdoche
Questions 4, 6 and 7 for homework

THURS. Feb. 5
Completed Quiz on the Elements of Narrative
Watched TED talk for beginning of "Brother Dear" and read short story
Question 1 for homework
WED. Feb. 4
Discussed theme and worked on handout
Wrote in-class comparison between two short films
TUE. Feb. 3
Used Venn diagram and chart to organize observations about similarities and comparisons between the two short films.
MON. Feb. 2
Received 3U Course Outline
Viewed "The Paperman" and "Knock, Knock" to begin comparison
Reviewed Elements of Narrative