1. Welcome to ENG 4C in Room 212

TUE. May
Finished play
Reviewed comparing two media texts for inclass evaluation tomorrow

MON. May 4
Read play - Almost finished!!
Reviewed Media Analysis

FRI. May 1
Finished Act 1 and part of Act 2 of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

TH. Apr. 30
Continued reading One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

WED. Apr. 29
In-class literary response #2

TU. Apr. 28
In-class Literary Response
Lab 225

MON. Apr. 27
Began the play One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Portfolio questions for Shawshank DUE

FR. Apr. 24
Work period to catch up on questions from Shawshank
Take-home literary response due

TH. Apr. 23
Worked on Literary Response

WED. Apr. 22
Reviewed possible literary response prompts and applicability to Shawshank
Used an expanded template for the literary response - applied it to specific prompt and created response as a class

TU. Apr. 21
Lab 225 - Literary Response and Portfolio questions

MON. Apr. 20
Lab 225 - Literary Response and Portfolio questions

Fri. Apr. 17
Oral presentations of Andy's defence in small groups

TH. Apr. 16
Rehearsed oral defence for Andy's parole

WED. Apr. 15
Lab 225, to finish email - due at end of period

TU. Apr. 14
Wrapped up Shawshank by reviewing major themes and discussing Part 4 questions

MON. Apr. 13
In lab to work on email,

FR. Apr. 10
FINISHED NOVEL!!!!! and watched almost all of movie. What a great story!

TH. Apr. 9
Continued reading novel and handed out Part 4 Question

WED. Apr. 8
Read novel to page 82. Students to work on finishing PART 3 Questions
New assignment due next WED.
Compose email to parole board on Andy Dufresne's behalf
Brainstormed list of applicable character traits.

TU. Apr. 7
Continued reading to page 78. Students worked on questions for Part 3

TH. Apr. 2
Read to page 72 in "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption"

WED. Apr. 1
Went to library to continue with letter writing assignment

TU. Mar. 31
Worked on SECOND body paragraph of the letter using 11-sentence style with template
Handed out Part 3 Questions:

MON. Mar. 30
Library period for research. Students researched the benefits of an education for incarcerated populations.

FR. Mar. 27
Finished movie to introduction of Tommy Williams
Read 53-58

TH. Mar. 26
Shortened class

WED. Mar. 25
Introduced letter activity. DUE April 8

TU. Mar. 24

MON. Mar. 23
Continued reading to end of p. 58 (part 2) and worked on questions
Continued movie

FR Mar. 13
Finished part ONE questions and worked on Part 2 questions
Read to p. 53
Watched movie

TH. Mar. 12
ARTICLE analysis test post-poned to TU. March 24
Read to p. 48

WED. Mar. 11
Finished part ONE of "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption"
Worked on questions 8-9

TU. Mar. 10
Finished adverb handout and began working on prepositional phrases as adjectives or adverbs
Received study sheet for THURSDAY'S test

MON. Mar. 9
Began working on the questions and discussed Red's character (narrator).
HW: finish timeline

FR. Mar. 6
Began reading Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

TH. Mar. 5
Finished adjectives and adverbs - reviewed prepositions
Finished bias analysis
TEST - THURSDAY, March 12 on article analysis.

WED,Mar. 4
Worked with adjectives, adverbs
Analysed bias in "Wearing the Uniform of Oppression" and received handout about types of bias

TU. Mar. 3
Worked with prepositions and prepositional phrases
Defined target audience for "Wearing the Uniform of Oppression"(see second article in "MyBodyIsMyOwnBusinessUniformofOppression") and found evidence in text to support it

Mon. Mar. 2
Began work with prepositions after reviewing coordinate conjunctions, subject and predicate

FR. Feb. 27
Analyzed bias in "My Body is My Own Business"

TH. Feb 26
Began reading "My Body is My Own Business" and found thesis using topic/main idea/ supporting evidence pyramid

WED. Feb. 25
In-class Media Analysis Test with Grammar component

TU. Feb. 24
Review for test using Orange Juice ad

MON. Feb. 23
returned assignments with feedback
Students may incorporate feedback and resubmit by Friday

FR. Feb. 20
Media deconstruction poster and written analysis due

TH. Feb. 19
lab period to work on media deconstruction
WED. Feb. 18
Worked on Parts of Speech, Subject / Predicate, Compound Subject, Compound Predicate

Began reading persuasive articles:
TUE. Feb. 17
Continued work in lab for assignment due FRIDAY
WED. Feb. 11
Went to lab to work on assignment due next FRIDAY, Feb. 20.

TUE. Feb. 10
Reviewed 5 Features of Advertising
Took notes on the APPEALS TO HUMAN NEEDS
Began an independent deconstruction of print ad (Aquafina flower)
MON. Feb 9
Last period for in-class reading diagnostic
FRI. Feb. 6
Looked at Story elements of ads
THURS. Feb 5
Worked on Reading Diagnostic
Looked at 5 Features of Ads:

WED. Feb. 4
Continued with Visual Elements of print ads
TUE. Feb 3
Worked on first 6 questions of the Reading Diagnostic.
Viewed "Deconstructing Ads" - visual elements

MON. Feb 2
Filled in Personal Profile and received course outline