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WED. Mar. 11

TU. Mar. 10
Reviewed Sonnet structure and took notes
MON. Mar. 9
Continued with PPT reviewing major conflicts and concepts in ACT 1
- conflict, love, honour are main theme topics so far
FRI. Mar. 6
Continued with reading of Act1
Took notes from PPT for Act 1 Scene 1
Began Find-the-Line for Act1, sc. 1
TH. Mar. 5
Continued reading Act 1 - scenes 1 and 2
Began notes: oxymorons/ puns/ courtly lover

WED. Mar. 4
Made a list of things the class knew already about the play Romeo and Juliet
Began reading prologue from Romeo and Juliet by turning it into a hip-hop beat in groups. Very fun!
Learned about iambic pentameter and viewed the HipHop Shakespeare company
TU. Mar. 3
Wrote in-class short story test
MON. Mar. 2
Reviewed terms using KAHOOT!
FR. Feb 27

TH. Feb. 26
Read poem "The Highwayman" and began finding terms in activity.

WED. Feb. 25
Began watching Dead Poet's Society.
Paragraph is due next week TBD -
TU. Feb. 24
Took up side one of the grid.
Side two is for homework.
Reviewed process for analysing literary device.
MON. Feb. 23
Applied new set of terms - poetry devices - to poems using the grid

FR. Feb. 20
11- sentence paragraph DUE
TH. Feb. 19
-Reviewed meaning of the poem "Profile of Africa"
-Continued work on 11-sentence paragraph
-Reviewed using CONTEXT and TAG to introduce quotations
WED. Feb 18
-Worked on implications of similes in "Profile of Africa"

TU. Feb. 17
-Work period for 11-sentence paragraph
THU. Feb.12
- Continued with paragraph writing and viewed sample analysis
- Topic sentence must address prompt - explanation of evidence must tie the significance of the evidence to the theme
WED. Feb. 11
Continued with analysis of "Wine on the Desert"
Brainstorming for theme statements
Discussion of Durante's character, and of Tony's
Symbolic significance of the rain - part of the motif of water
Viewed 11-sentence paragraph structure

HW: Brainstorm a theme statement and character traits, evidence etc. for 11- sentence paragraph
This is the assignment handout you will get in class tomorrow
TUE. Feb. 10
Discussed "Wine on the Desert" and the desert as being alive. Discussed Tony as having the power of life and death, being the keeper of the oasis. Discussed Durante's evil and the consequences of his choice to destroy the water source.
MON. Feb. 9
ASSEMBLY - viewed Charles Officer's film Mighty Jerome
FRI. Feb. 6
Wrote quiz on Elements of Narrative
Reviewed theme for "Borders"
THURS. Feb. 5
Wrote in-class analysis of one of the characters from "Borders
WED. Feb 4
Viewed "I'm not the Indian You Had in Mind" and read Thomas King's article
Read "Borders"
TUE. Feb. 3
Worked on themes.

MON. Feb. 2
Received course outline
Reviewed Elements of Narrative -