hatsOff!.jpg Welcome to ENGLISH 1D in Room 226 with Ms. Mason!!!
Hang on to your hats!

WED. Oct. 7: Have your book picked out for READING FOR ME
TUE. Oct. 6: Short Story Test

Unit ONE: Short Fiction
FR. Oct. 2
- Finished "Lamb to the Slaughter" Intro activities for The Maze Runner
TH. Oct. 1
- Finished "Lamb" questions
WED. Sept. 30
- -Library period for "Reading for Me"
- started Hitchcock's "Lamb to the Slaughter" film
TUE. Sept. 29
- "Lamb" questions and handout
- Assembly
MON. Sept. 28
- Read "Lamb to the Slaughter"
- Began writing about Mary's character
FR. Sept. 25
-Read "Black Hull" poem -
TH. Sept. 24
- LIBRARY WORK PERIOD for Soundtrack assignment
Wed. Sept. 23
-reviewed MLA format - http://lib.trinity.edu/lib2/cite_nontrad_mla.php
-example Works Cited page:
- received poetry terms -
- finished "The Highwayman"
TUE. Sept. 22
-LAB time
MON. Sept. 21
-Read and viewed "The Highwayman"
- HW: Do # 1-9:
FR. Sept. 18
- Worked on metaphor, simile, and symbol
-HW: Create a chart for the simile and one for the metaphor
- Do #1 and #2 from the handout in the SYMBOL section.

TH. Sept. 17
-Read "The Jade Peony" and worked on analyzing symbols
- Class time for CD assignment
WED.Sept. 16
-Reviewed TERMS: Irony and Symbol
-Took up homework
- Note on THEME and activity:
TUE. Sept. 15
- Finished "The Interlopers"
- Discussed the ending!
- HW: Do questions #3, 9, and 10 AND finish the PLOT DIAGRAM
MON. Sept. 14
HW: Do the vocab for "The Interlopers"
FRI. Sept. 11
- Finish the "Melon" handout, side 1:
- Read "The Life Soundtrack" Assignment, and start picking out your songs:
-Played Literary Terms Matchup in groups and reviewed terms:
TH. Sept. 10
Finish reading "The Taste of Melon."
HW: DO a-h vocabulary words. Find and write out a definition for each word.
WED. Sept. 9
- Introductory activities
- Course outline
- class expectations
. Sept. 8
-Link Crew activities: No class