Hang on to your hats!!! We're in for a ride. . .
Assessment and evaluation:
WED. FEB. 26 - Short Story Test
FRI. Feb. 28 - Mind Map Presentations

FRI. Feb. 28

THUR. Feb. 27
TEST for the Short Story Unit. Use the chart below to prepare for the test.

WED. Feb. 26
Reviewed THEME
Work period for Mind Map
The reading for tomorrow's in-class evaluation is: p 190 "In the Silence" Read it tonight and analyse it as you have been analyzing your Mind Map story.

TUE. Feb. 25
Assembly for Black History Month

MON. Feb. 24
Worked on the Mind Map assignment and discussed SYMBOLISM in the "Jade Peony":

FRI. Feb. 21
QUIZ: on literary terms
Introduced MIND MAP due on FRIDAY, Feb. 28:

THURS. Feb. 20
Quiz game
Took up "Lamb" questions.

WED. Feb. 19
Watched Hitchcock's "Lamb to the Slaughter" Discussion followed.
Finished questions, using discussion generated response.
HW: study for the quiz on Friday

TUE. Feb. 18
Finished "The Interlopers" and began "Lamb to the Slaughter"
HW: Do the vocabulary words, section A, for homework:

FRI. Feb. 14
Watched the movie, discussed various types of irony, did the plot diagram for "The Interlopers" and finished questions on the worksheet. For homework, write another paragraph to end the story!!!!!

THUR. Feb.13
Discussed irony and "the Interlopers":

WED. Feb. 12
Read "The Interlopers" on page 33 of Sightlines.
Do questions 1-3:

TUE. Feb. 11
Did more work on S/P:
Went to Lab and worked on Character analysis.

MON. Feb. 10
Did some grammar on S/P from the Blue book. Went to lab to work on Character analysis of the narrator from "The Taste of Melon"

FRI. Feb. 7
Worked on BODY BIO - it needs to be finished by MONDAY
Worked on THEMES handout:
Began 11-sentence paragraph - Character analysis of the narrator:

THUR. Feb. 6
The class made a body bio using characteristics. Draw the outline of his body and, for the following body parts, identified specific TRAITS:

HEAD: what traits are revealed by how he thinks?
HEART: which traits are revealed by his feelings?
HANDS: what does he hold dear? In other words, what are his VALUES? What does he do, say, think, etc, that gives you this impression?
BACKBONE: what motivates him? Which traits are revealed by how he is motivated?
FEET: what traits are revealed by his actions?
MOUTH: how do his words, what he says, show the reader his character? What traits are revealed by his words?
BACKGROUND: using symbols in the background, think about his own background and about his environment. What traits are revealed because of his background and environment?
For each trait, find a quotation that illustrates this trait and explain the ways in which your quotation illustrates this trait.
1. Trait
2. Quotation (or a concrete detail from the story)
3. Explanation (in which ways does this detail show the above trait).

WED. Feb. 5
HW: Finish Character Chart:

TUE. Feb. 4
Terms Review and Handout

READ: "The Taste of Melon" on page 130 of the text.

HW: Leave the first set of vocabulary words for tonight. Focus on Question 1a) b) and c) and #2 and then do #1 of the short answer questions, using complete sentences.

MON. Feb. 3
Round the clock intros
Handed out texts and course outline: